Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

High levels of satisfaction/loyalty, advocacy and engagement result when experiences are positive, or exceed expectations. Since word of mouth is the most effective and least expensive form of advertising, high customer loyalty and engagement translate directly into savings, sales growth and profits.

  • What problems are impacting our bottom line?
  • What are the key drivers to keeping our customers engaged and /or loyal?
  • How well do we understand our ‘Customer Corridor’ in managing our customer relations?
  • Are our resources and assets being effectively utilised?
  • How do we compare to our key competitors and/or industry benchmarks?

Satisfaction, loyalty and engagement levels of customers, employees and other key stakeholders are much more than measures of people’s experiences with your company, its processes, products, or its services. When tied to business/financial results they can be used as a leading indicator of company performance. They directly affect corporate growth and profitability, so measuring and managing them are crucial to effective day to day operations and long term strategic planning.

Trust your customers to the experts

We understand that customer research represents an important exercise in not only improving your bottom line performance, but also in public relations.

Our research consultants offer a depth of expertise and business thinking, accompanied by our national field team of business to business interviewers experienced in securing and conducting professional interviews with your customers (and other stakeholders).