A mystery shopper audit via phone, face to face visits, fax or online is an effective way to measure compliance and consistency to agreed/expected service levels.

AMI conducts mystery shopper experiences/evaluations across a variety of corporate, industrial, Not for Profit and retail sectors.

Mystery Shopping at AMI covers:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers/channel
  • Competitors.

Customer Mystery Shopping

Cultivating a loyal customer base, which keeps returning to buy your products or use your services and refers you to other people, is the end goal of customer service.  The best way to understand the customer experience is to conduct mystery shopping audits across customer experience touch points such as in person, by telephone and online.

A customer’s perspective of the service received and their overall experience is critical to businesses’ understanding, how to continually improve, be it environment, staff or product/service, and thereby build loyalty for their brand/business.

Given current market conditions, including increased competition, there is no better time to engage AMI to help you improve customers’ service experience.

 Supplier/Channel Mystery Shopping

Is your channel (suppliers, distributors, resellers) doing the right thing by your business?  Are they selling and supporting your products and services as promised/contracted to?  Are end users (end customers) satisfied with the experience they have received in the purchase, delivery and after sales service (incl. tech support) processes provided by your resellers?

Mystery shopping helps organisations measure the quality of service provided by their supplier network/channel.

The resulting information can then be used to improve supplier performance in representing your brand and supplying/supporting your products/services.

 Competitor Mystery Shopping

Are your competitors doing it better?  Is a customer’s experience better when buying from competitive channels (eg. retailers)?  Conducting a mystery shopping evaluation of competitors’ businesses can assist in identifying key differentiators and will enable you to benchmark your customer’s experiences against competitor sites/channels, etc.