page2-img1 Because of globalization direct  Buyers/Sellers access is easier and  traditional barriers and distribution  chains are being eliminated. 

 An increasing number of buyers and sellers  from different trade sectors, communities  and countries start trading which each other for the first time.This means that companies have to deal with new, unknown occasional one shot counter-parties they have no existing trading relationship with.

 HBDO offers structured support to companies and helps them identify, monitor and manage the risks. We provide business information, research, training course, consulting, solutions and services for this purpose.

Key sentence : ”Trade is global. Risk is global. HBDO is your whatever-it-takes company”.

Core values


As a leader, HBDO is responsible for establishing and maintaining the standards and culture in our area of expertise. HBDO’s risk analysts and field experts focus their work on the your organization goals and are accountable for the results.

Client value creation

Enabling clients to become high-performance businesses and creating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value.


For HBDO, transparency is paramount. HBDO’s commitment to achieve its core objectives goes hand in hand with an equal attention to transparency and risk management.


Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.

Words of the Executive director

HBDO is a company fully dedicated to global risk management.

 In summary, we are a team of experts, researchers and risk analysts specialized in GRM (Global Risk Management), PSD (Private Sector Develpment) and PSCB (Private Sector Capacity Builiding). We provide structured support for organizations involved in business.

Since the start-up, HBDO (formerly known as Mc Grow One Initiative) has been a highly esteemed GRM provider for companies involved in developing areas market. As a result of its unique business approach, HBDO became the preferred business partner for GRM of renowned companies and international development organizations on a worldwide scale.

Abdoulaye Wane, Ph.D
Chief Executive Officer