HBDO’s commitment goes beyond      traditional day-to-day support : we help you  achieve operationnal excellence through one   of our specialized and qualified HBDO Risk  Analysts. HBDO Solutions are custom  packages suitable for yours needs and filled    by our services, products, consulting, research, training courses and-or analysis. In one package you have the benefits of HBDO Global Risk Management Facility.

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HBDO DynamicSecure™  With emphasis put on Market Research and Competitive Intelligence on your competitors, DynamicSecure is supported by the entire HBDO Global Risk Management Facility. You get the whole benefits of our services, products, consulting, applied researches, training courses and analysis.

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HBDO Seed™ Entrepreneurs & Start-up’s

HBDO SeedTM, created for business start-ups helps design, secure and monitor business processes to enhance competitivity from day one.

HBDO Advance Small & Medium Entreprises

HBDO AdvanceTM is designed to help you secure day-to-day business processes in one customized package, so you can focus on business development.

HBDO Growth Conducting business abroad

To insure business survival and your economic well-being, you’ll need to grow. HBDO GrowthTM customized package helps you penetrate news markets, seek referrals and extend your market reach.

HBDO ProPoor for ID

Dedicated to international development practitioners The entire HBDO Global Risk Management Facility designed in one package conceived to enhance success in international development projects. We focus on private sector development and private sector capacity building programs, including trade reform and competitiveness in developing countries.

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