AccPlan™ You need to produce a set of  deliverables that require the customer’s  approval before completion. HBDO helps  you with a schedule of tasks that are required  to gain the customers acceptance that what  you have produced is satisfactory. This is the  purpose of the AccPlan™.  

ProcPlan™ Whenever you want to purchase  items from suppliers trough the ProcPlan™,  HBDO helps you define the procurement  requirements, identify potential suppliers,  contract those suppliers and manage them to ensure delivery.

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 Day-to-day support
 Always on your side
Our day-to-day customer support service  line helps you increase your business  processes value while reducing risks.



Seeking referrals

Generating business
We probably know someone who interested in your products or services. We will be pleased to provide referrals.
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Competitive intelligence
CI data from abroad
HBDO CI Plans involves gathering, interpreting and analyzing public data. Issues results to assist your corporate decision-making. Beyond monitoring your competition, CI investigates the whole business environment and other factors that may impact your business development projects
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