page5-img1 Because getting the right business  information is paramount in global risk  management and a priority in business  development, HBDO provides structured  data in order to reduce uncertainty in your  business processes.Depending on your business area, HBDO offers various products which best suit your needs. We employ field experts and partners worldwide and through our secure reporting system, we gather structured data, secure it and deliver it to enhance your business effectiveness.

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ReqIn™ Edu is designed to offer our plans real time key information regarding the best formal training facilities worldwide.

ReqIn™ Business Insight is designed to provide, through media, infrastructure sourcing, real time accounts and reports from emerging countries. This enables HBDO update and enhance critical economic data for its clients.

ReqIn™ Human resources is a complete human resources management program (Employee Motivation, Recognition, Rewards, Retention,etc.). HBDO provides country-based risk reports affecting labour market and hiring process.

ReqIn™ Quality Because Quality management is a critical part of any business, ReqIn™ Quality provides you data required to build a set of quality standard with your customer.

ReqIn™ Supplier To prevent danger of failure and to make more effective the processes between you and your suppliers, ReqIn™ Supplier is designed to provide necessary data to secure your business processes.

ReqIn™ Client To prevent insolvency , HBDO gathers and monitors business data on your client and informs you if we detect any danger of loss.

ReqIn™ Fundraising & Venture Capital New business development project ? Depending on your business, HBDO provides all the information required for a successful fundraising or joint venture initiative.

ReqIn™ Prospect This product is designed to collect and evaluate prospect information and ensure that you target secured and non-risky future clients.

ReqIn™ Rules & Regulations This program encompasses all the rules and regulations that impact your business.

ReqIn™ Factoring HBDO provides factoring data to secure your business processes. ”Factoring is a financial transaction whereby a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e., invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount in exchange for immediate money with which to finance continued business”.

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