Approach – Countries are classified according to the ease of resolving insolvency and based on the recovery rate.

The Lens® Recovery Rating Index (cents on the dollar),

–         measures the cents on the dollar recovered by creditors,

–         present a value of debt recovered,

–         officials costs of the insolvency proceedings are deducted,

–         depreciation of the furniture is taken into account ,

–         outcome for the business (survival or not) affects the maximum value that can be recovered.

The basic methodology is provided by Djankov and others, Debt Enforcement Around the World, Journal of Political Economy, Dec 2008.

Ratings – HBDO’s short-term LENS® Recovery rating index indicate the potential level of default within a 12-month period. LENS®Rating Index is assigned on an alphabetic scale from ‘AAA’ (Prime Quality Grade) to ‘D’ (In default).



Cents on the US dollar


 Prime Quality Grade 100(1$)-95 AAA
High Quality Grade 94-90 AA+
89-85 AA
84-80 AA-
 Upper  Medium Grade 79-75 A+
74-70 A
69-65 A-
Lower Medium Grade 64-50 BBB+
49-45 BBB
44-40 BBB-
Speculative 39-35 BB+
34-30 BB
29-25 BB-
Highly speculative 24-20 B+
19-15 B
14-10 B-
In default 09-05 CCC
04-00 CC

Source: Powered by HBDO Indexes, propelled by the World Bank, 2014.

Ex: HBDO affirms #Netherlands at ‘AA’ – High Quality Grade|LENS®Recovery Rating Index

#Netherlands rated at ‘AA’/High Quality Grade. It means claimants (creditors, tax authorities, and employees) can recover between 85 and 89 US cents on the dollar from an insolvent firm.