HBDO Indexes are built to be:

Representative. Specific, unbiased criteria are used to determine index composition, ensuring that the particular market segment or targeted exposure is accurately represented.

Objective. We take a straightforward, rules-based approach when building our indexes there are no secrets, no committees, and no unknowns. That makes our indexes easier to track and replicate.

Transparent. All rules regarding construction and maintenance of our indexes are readily available so you know exactly what to expect from your index.

Modular. Our market-cap indexes are clearly defined with no gaps or overlaps in coverage to prevent inadvertent exposures.

Proactively maintained. HBDO indexes use a set schedule for handing corporate actions and rebalancing to maintain exposure and manage turnover.

Key benefits

Comprehensive market coverage. Constituents are scored and weighted based on fundamental measures of the ease on doing business per country.

Accurate and up-to-date. The HBDO Fundamental Index Series has a quarterly partial reconstitution. The weighting of the constituents by fundamental scores is determined during the June annual reconstitution. However, this annual reconstitution is spread out equally each quarter.

Created by experts. HBDO combines global risk management experience with expertise in index construction to create world-class global business information tools.